Creep Behaviour Under Compressive Stresses of Calcium and Barium Containing Mg-Al-based Die Casting Alloys


The development of creep resistant high pressure die casting (HPDC) alloys is one of the main focuses in magnesium research. Alloying elements like rare earths, calcium, strontium or scandium added to the necessary aluminium for die casting have already been introduced. Newly developed barium containing magnesium alloys with three levels of alloying additions were processed via HPDC and their compression creep response at 200 °C was evaluated. DieMag633 (Mg-6Al-3Ba-3Ca) displays the best creep resistance followed by DieMag422 (Mg-4Al-2Ba-2Ca) and then DieMag211 (Mg-2Al-1Ba-1Ca). Stress exponents from tests at different applied stresses were calculated. The creep tests were also accompanied by microstructural investigations and mechanical property evaluation.
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