Metal content and morphology of nanostructured Ag–Pd co-deposits


Ag–Pd co-deposition on the surface of indium tin oxide coated glass (ITO-glass) by pulse electrolysis of solutions containing 0.01 M AgNO3 and 0.01 M Pd(NO3)2 in dimethylformamide (DMF) has been studied at 20 °C. The nanostructured deposit is formed at pulse time (τon) 6 ms and pause time (τoff) 300 ms within the range of − 0.5…− 1.75 V. About equimolar composition of the obtained Ag–Pd co-deposits, has been formed at cathode potentials higher than − 1.0 V; while before that potential value silver content is dominant. For the bimetallic Ag–Pd system formation of nanoclusters made of the single nanoparticles of about 20–30 nm particle size has been shown.
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