Oligo(Omega-pentadecalactone) decorated magnetic nanoparticles


Hybrid magnetic nanoparticles (mgNP) with a magnetite core diameter of 10 ± 1 nm surface functionalized with oligo(ω-pentadecalactone) (OPDL) oligomers with Mn between 1300 and 3300 g mol−1 could be successfully prepared having OPDL grafted from 200 mg g−1 to 2170 mg g−1. The particles are dispersible in chloroform resulting in stable suspensions. Magnetic response against an external magnetic field proved the superparamagnetic nature of the particles with a low coercivity (Bc) value of 297 µT. The combination of the advantageous superparamagnetism of the mgNP with the exceptional stability of OPDL makes these novel hybrid mgNP promising candidates as multifunctional building blocks for magnetic nanocomposites with tunable physical properties.
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