Bio-hybrid organs and tissues for patient therapy: A future vision for 2030


The regeneration of tissues and organs has been a matter of dream and Greek mythology since ancient times as the liver regeneration in Prometheus punished by Zeus. It is now emerging a new way of treating injuries and diseases, which is based on regenerative medicine. Clinical and social needs related to the aging and diseases led to innovative medical therapies that will enable the repairing and regeneration of damaged tissues and organs. This position paper gives a future vision for 2030 of the biohybrid organs and tissues that will be used for patient therapy and in the overcoming the age-related pathologies. The research strategies for the next 20 years will focus on the implantation of bioartificial tissues and the induction of the regeneration. Biomaterials and bioreactor technologies will play pivotal roles in the regeneration and in the production of individualized biological implants. Future challenges will include the development of multifunctional biohybrid organs and tissues. These concepts are based on a multidisciplinary approach bringing together various scientific fields, which will contribute to the new and fascinating medical therapies.
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