Arrays of interacting ferromagnetic nanofilaments: Small-angle neutron diffraction study


Magnetic properties of spatially ordered arrays of interacting nanofilaments have been studied by means of small-angle diffraction of polarized neutrons. Several diffraction maxima or rings that correspond to the scattering of the highly ordered structure of pores/filaments with hexagonal packing have been observed in neutron scattering intensity maps. The interference (nuclear-magnetic) and pure magnetic contributions to the scattering have been analyzed during the magnetic reversal of the nanofilament array in a field applied perpendicular to the nanofilament axis. The average magnetization and the interference contribution proportional to it increase with the field and are saturated at H = H S . The magnetic reversal process occurs almost without hysteresis. The intensity of the magnetic contribution has hysteresis behavior in the magnetic reversal process for both the positive and negative fields that form the field dependence of the intensity in a butterfly shape. It has been shown that this dependence is due to the magnetostatic interaction between the filaments in the field range of H ≤ H S . A theory for describing the magnetic properties of the arrays of interacting ferromagnetic nanofilaments in the magnetic field has been proposed.
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