Implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive emission model for Europe


Temporal and spatial distributed emissions are an essential input parameter for Chemical Transport Models (CTM). In order to obtain consistent emissions for longterm CTM runs the US EPA emission model SMOKE has been adapted and modified. The modified version of the SMOKE emission model (SMOKEEU) uses official and publicly available data sets and statistics to create emissions of CO, NOx, SO2, NH3, PM2.5, PM10, NMVOC. Currently it supports several photochemical mechanisms and a PM2.5 split. Additionally emissions of benzo[a]pyrene have been modelled. The temporal resolution of the emissions is one hour. The resolution of the surrogates used for spatial disaggregation is 1x1 km². Vertical distribution is done via plume rise calculations. The area covered by the emission model is Europe including eastern Russia, north Africa and Turkey The currently implemented datasets allow for the calculation of emissions between 19702020. Emissions for the year 2000 on a 54x54km² domain were evaluated by comparison to datasets from three commonly used emission models. Additionally SMOKE/EU emissions were used as input for the CMAQ4.6 CTM and the calculated air concentrations of Ozone, NH4, NO3 and SO4 were compared to EMEP measurements.
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