Viability of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Seeded on Crosslinked Entropy-Elastic Gelatin-Based Hydrogels


Biomimetic polymer network systems with tailorable properties based on biopolymers represent a class of degradable hydrogels that provides sequences for protein adsorption and cell adhesion. Such materials show potential for in vitro MSC proliferation as well as in vivo applications and were obtained by crosslinking different concentrations of gelatin using varying amounts of ethyl lysine diisocyanate in the presence of a surfactant in pH 7.4 PBS solution. Material extracts, which were tested for cytotoxic effects using L929 mouse fibroblasts, were non-toxic. The hydrogels were seeded with human bone marrow-derived MSCs and supported viable MSCs for the incubation time of 9 d. Preadsorption of fibronectin on materials improved this biofunctionality.
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