Charakterisierung einer pulvermetallurgisch hergestellten TNM™-Titanaluminid-Legierung mittels komplementärer quantitativer Methoden - The Characterisation of a Powder Metallurgically Manufactured TNM™ Titanium Aluminide Alloy Using Complimentary Quantitative Methods


In order to be able to use intermetallic titanium aluminide in industrial applications, a quick and affordable method of quantitatively analysing their microstructures is required. In the presented work it was able to demonstrate on a powder metallurgical manufactured TNM™alloy of nominal composition Ti-43.5Al-4Nb-1Mo-0.1B (at. %), that by electrolytic-polishing and colour etching a quick and cost effective quantitative microstructural analysis may be carried out via light-optical microscopic images. In doing so, the phase fractions and microstructural constituents of the various types of microstructures present are determined using complementary analysing techniques. Both light-optical and scanning electron microscopic images were captured from each of three different types of microstructures. These were then quantitatively evaluated using an image analysis program. The results were compared with those obtained from X-ray diffraction experiments. The possibilities and limits of the quantitative phase evaluation of light-optical microscopic images of colour etched microstructures are also explained and their relationship to the choice of parameters used for the colour etching and electro-polishing operations discussed.
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