XPS studies of magnesium surfaces after exposure to Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium, Hank's Buffered Salt Solution and Simulated Body Fluid


Magnesium-based biomaterials are gaining increasing interest, while in vitro corrosion tests are not standardized yet. Moreover, the effects of different corrosion media on the corrosion products are still not fully understood. To compare and evaluate the three main corrosion media applied in most in vitro studies, an XPS investigation of magnesium surfaces was carried out after exposure of the specimens to Dulbecco's modified eagle medium (DMEM), Hank's buffered salt solution (HBSS), and simulated body fluid (SBF). The effects of rinsing the specimens after immersion were also determined. XPS investigations especially on the Mg 2p state showed that MgO, Mg(OH)2, and MgCO3 species were the dominant corrosion products presenting in all specimens despite of the different corrosion media. However, the ratio of corrosion products depends on the medium composition. It was also shown that rinsing specimens after immersion experiments is a necessary procedure when surface analysis is employed afterward.
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