Effect of Minor Additions of Al and Si on the Mechanical Properties of Cast Mg-3Sn-2Ca Alloys in Low Temperature Range


The Mg-Sn-Ca alloys have shown superior creep properties compared to the creep resistant alloy AE42. In the present study, the effects of small amounts of Al and Si additions on the mechanical properties have been investigated on a Mg-3Sn-2Ca (TX32) alloy. The Al content in the selected alloys was 0.4 wt% and the Si content was varied from 0–0.8 wt% in steps of 0.2 wt.%. The alloys were cast in pre-heated permanent molds. Cylindrical specimens machined from the cast billets were tested in compression in the temperature range 25–250 °C at a strain rate of 0.0001 s–1. The alloy with 0.4 wt% Al shows an increased strength at all test temperatures compared with the TX32 base alloy. This is attributed to a solid solution strengthening of Al in Mg. The alloy with 0.4 wt% Al and 0.2 wt% Si has compressive strength that is closer to that of the TX32 alloy. However, increased additions of Si (from 0.4–0.8 wt%) reduce the strength, more significantly at higher temperatures.
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