How do scientists assess the skill of climate models?


In our surveys among climate scientists, we have asked – among others questions – also how well the components of climate models would perform. Three surveys were run in 1998, 2003 and 2008. They sampled mostly North Americans, Britons and Germans (CLISCI – for further details, such as sampling, return rates and related issues, refer to Bray, 2010a,b). A fourth survey was conducted in 2010 among climate scientists dealing with climate, climate change and impact in the Baltic Sea region with a majority of Scandinavian and Baltic participants (this was done in the framework of BALTEX; details, see Bray 2010c). In the following we will refer to CLISCI 1998, CLISCI 2003, CLISCI 2008 and BALTEX 2010.
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