Applications of non-crystalline diffraction with microfocus to carbon fibres


An overview of the type of information obtained by X-ray microdiffraction and micro small-angle X-ray scattering ( mue SAXS) measurements on carbon fibres and activated carbon fibres is presented. It is shown that the use of X-ray microbeams is a unique way to know about the internal organisation of both pores and nanocrystallites in single carbon fibres. Moreover, combination of these techniques with stretching experiments allowed us to learn how the application of a mechanical load affects carbon fibres from the length scales of atomic structure to the microporosity. In addition, it is seen that accessible and non-accessible porosity can be distinguished by contrast-matching mue SAXS experiments and that the development of isotropic and anisotropic microporosity across the fibre diameter during the activation process can be studied by mue SAXS technique.
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