In situ-polymerization of fluorinated polyoxadiazole with carbon nanotubes in poly(phosphoric acid)


In the present work, in-situ polymerizations of fluorinated polyoxadiazole through a polycondensation reaction of A–A (hydrazine sulphate) and B–B (aromatic dicarboxylic acid) monomers with multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) in poly(phosphoric acid) were performed in the frame of time 3 to 48 h. The effect of acid treatment in polyphosphoric acid on the CNT structure was analyzed by SEM, TGA and FTIR. Fluorinated polyoxadiazole/MWCNTs soluble in organic solvents with high molecular weights (around 200 000 g/mol) could be synthesized in 3 h. The fluorinated polyoxadiazole/MWCNTs exhibits high thermal stability with degradation temperature at about 460 °C.
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