Microstructure Characterisation and creep properties of AE42 based hybrid composites prepared by squeeze casting process


Magnesium alloy based hybrid composites with varying levels of d-alumina short fibers (Saffilf ®) and SiC particles (SiCp) reinforcements have been prepared by the squeeze casting technique. Microstructure evaluation by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy on these composites reveal the presence of Mg2Si and Al-RE precipitates. The presence of these precipitates was found to enhance the creep resistance of AE42 hybrid composites. The interfacial reaction products were MgO and Mg2Si. The interfacial reaction product MgO is more pronounced along the Saffilf® compared to SiCp. Heat treatment of the composites improved the distribution of the precipitates in the composites. Hardness characteristics of the composites have been studied.
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