Investigation into the P3 Binding Domain of m-Calpain Using Photoswitchable Diazo- and Triazene-dipeptide Aldehydes: New Anticataract Agents


The photoswitchable N-terminal diazo and triazene-dipeptide aldehydes 8a-d, 10a,b, and 17a,b present predominantly as the (E)-isomer, which purportedly binds deep in the S3 pocket of calpain. All compounds are potent inhibitors of m-calpain, with 8b being the most active (IC50 of 35 nM). The diazo-containing inhibitors 8a, 8c, and 10a were irradiated at 340 nm to give a photostationary state enriched in the (Z)-isomer, and in all cases, these were less active. The most water soluble triazene 17a (IC50 of 90 nM) retards calpain-induced cataract formation in lens culture.
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