Alloy design concepts for refined gamma titanium aluminide based alloys


The influence of the Al content and the addition of further alloying elements on the cast microstructure of γ(TiAl) + α2(Ti3Al) alloys has been examined. The results show that particularly fine and homogeneous microstructures without strong segregation can be obtained for certain alloy compositions solidifying through the β phase. This behavior can be attributed to the avoidance of peritectic solidification and to the alloying influence on the kinetics of the β implies α transformation following solidification. The experimental findings were used to propose a design concept for γ-TiAl + α2-Ti3Al alloys. This concept aims at the production of high-quality castings as well as at ingot material for wrought processing routes because the chemically homogeneous and fine-grained microstructures would be a good precondition for improved workability.
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