An Investigation of the Fracture Behaviour of Diffusion Bonded Ti6Al4V/TiC/10p


TiC particulate reinforced Ti6Al4V composites (Ti6Al4V/TiC/10p) have emerged in the last years due to its excellent properties combination including superior specific strength as well as good high temperature properties. Joining is a an essential technology to implement the use of these materials in industrial products. In the present study, solid-state diffusion bonding has been successfully applied to the particle-reinforced composite producing high quality joints. Microstructural characterisation has been performed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the tensile properties have been determined using microflat tensile tests. Fractographic analysis has been accomplished on the microflat tensile fracture surfaces in order to understand the damage mechanisms. The primary mechanism consists of reinforcement fracture as a result of load transfer from the matrix to the particles followed by final fracture by coalescence of microvoids in the matrix.
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