Combined Synchrotron and Neutron Structural Refinement of R-Phase in Ti(50.75) Ni(47.75) Fe(1.50) Shape Memory Alloy


The crystal structure of R-phase in Ti50.75.Ni47.75.Fe1.50 shape memory alloy (SMA) has been studied at a temperature of (290 ± 7) K on cooling by combined synchrotron and neutron powder diffraction using Rietveld refinement with generalized spherical harmonic (GSH) description for preferred orientation (PO). The results showed that (i) no significant improvement in the crystallographic RWP-factor was found when the inversion center was removed from the 3 P model, suggesting that the space group was indeed 3 P and not lower symmetry 3 P neither m P31 and (ii) the refined atomic parameters were converging only when the 3 P space group was used in the refinement.
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