Detection of wave groups in SAR images and radar image sequences


The properties of individual wave groups in space and time utilizing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images and nautical radar image sequences are studied. This is possible by the quantitative measurement and analysis of wave groups both spatially and spatio-temporally. The SAR, with its high spatial resolution and large coverage, offers a unique opportunity to study and derive wave groups. In addition to SAR images, nautical radar image sequences allow the investigation of wave groups in space and time and, therefore, the measurement of parameters such as the group velocity. The detection of wave groups is based on the determination of the envelope function, which was first adopted for one-dimensional (1-D) time series by Longuet-Higgins. The method is extended from 1-D to spatial and spatio-temporal dimensions to derive wave groups in images and image sequences. To test the algorithm, wave groups are derived from SAR images and two radar image sequences, recorded at locations in deep and shallow water. It is demonstrated that the algorithm can be employed for the determination of both location and size of wave groups from radar images. Investigating the detected wave groups in radar image sequences additionally allows the measurement of the spatial and temporal development of wave groups and their extension and phase velocities. Comparison of measured wave group velocities in shallow and deep water gives a deviation of the average value from the group velocities resulting from linear wave theory and shows a clear oscillation of the group velocities in two dimensions.View less
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